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Stucco is one of the most durable material used since it’s discovery back in Ancient Greece. There are two types of stucco: (1) synthetic (EIFS) and stucco.  When the color is applied both types of stucco will look the same but there is a difference.  Stucco can be applied to any surface, wall and ceiling.  

Johnson Plastering Company offers stucco repair.  Our professional approach to each project ensures that we deliver quality service to our customers at that right price.  No job is too large or small for us.  Whether you have minor damage or have an addition to blend, our stucco repair team can do it.

Other Services Offered by Johnson Plastering Company:

  • We do large or small repairs

  • Install new kickout flashing

  • Damage Crack

  • Tuckpointing

  • Damage Birds Hole

  • Moisture Readings

  • Refinishing and Install New Color on Damage Areas

  • Pressure Wash Stucco

  • Chimney Repairs

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